Girl Fight Fitness

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The mission of Girl Fight Fitness is to provide a fun, female-friendly environment for the pursuit of fitness and health through strength, cardio, and kickboxing workouts.

Whether you are a beginning exerciser or just looking for a change of pace for your current program, Girl Fight workouts provide a combination of calorie-torching boxing moves and muscle-toning strength drills.  Workouts are fast, fun...and addictive!

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Why Girl Fight Fitness?

  • It's the perfect mix of physical challenge and fun.  Usually kickboxing workouts are either inefficient and watered-down, or overly complex and intimidating.  Girl Fight classes are great workouts that are easy to perform and approachable for everyone.
  • No scary contracts, long-term commitments, or memberships.  Pay as you come, or purchase a class package.
  • All classes are appropriate for all ability levels.  Beginners are always welcome!
  • Workouts never get old!  Experience a new workout every time you come.
  • Extremely supportive, woman-friendly environment.  You won't find any gym-timidation here!

What is Girl Fight?

Watch the video below for a sample of what Girl Fight is about.