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Class Descriptions


A 55-minute strength, cardio, and kickboxing class.  Each class is a unique mix of total body intervals and punching bag combinations to make for an efficient, effective, and enjoyable workout.  Please bring boxing gloves to use if you own them.

MMA Circuit

This 45-minute class is based on the conditioning workouts used by Mixed Martial Arts fighters.  Each workout combines punching and kicking combinations on the bag, kettlebell exercises to strengthen your muscles, and intense cardio intervals to burn calories.  Please bring boxing gloves to use if you own them.

Kettlebell Strength & Power

A 45-minute workout using kettlebells to build strength, tone muscle, and develop explosive power. Learn how to use kettlebells safely and effectively in this fun, fast-paced workout.

Self Defense

Learn how to protect yourself from attacks with simple and effective self-defense techniques.  No martial arts experience required!  This 90-minute seminar is a combination of discussion and live practice, covering prevention, awareness, de-escalation techniques, and defensive hand-to-hand moves that are easy to remember and perform.   We will go over the key weak points of the body to maximize your chances of getting home safely.  We will also go through specific scenarios and demonstrate the most effective strategies to overcome your attacker.

The Self Defense seminar is offered on a quarterly basis.  You can also schedule private self defense classes for individuals and groups as personal training sessions.

NOTE:  Since the Self Defense course content can easily be learned by only observing, all attendees must pay for the class regardless of physical participation.