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General Questions

I am a beginner.  Is the class too advanced for me?

Not at all.  The workouts can be adjusted on the spot to accommodate all fitness levels.  Your instructor will provide you with modifications to ensure that you get the same level of challenge while working within your current abilities. 

I have been exercising for years.  Is the class too basic for me?

Nope!  The workouts can be adjusted on the spot to accommodate all fitness levels.  Your instructor will provide you with advanced exercises to ensure that you get an added challenge for your current abilities.  You may find that these workouts are just the change of pace your workout routine needs! 

There are lots of class choices.  How do I pick the one that's right for me?

Try them all!  Seriously, though, your best approach would probably be to try a kickboxing class, since that offers the greatest variety, and then go from there. 

How old does my child have to be to participate in a Girl Fight class?

It really depends more on maturity level than age.  We recommend a minimum of 10 years old, but as long as your child can follow the class instructions and keep up with the changing activities during the flow of class, it should be fine.  If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us. 

The name says "Girl Fight"...but can men do it too?

Of course.  The Girl Fight workouts are designed to empower women in a friendly environment, so as long as you don't mind being in class with mostly women, you're welcome to come join us.

Taking Classes at the Studio

Do I need to sign up ahead to take a class?

Yes, due to Girl Fight's popularity, classes can often fill up quickly and space is limited.  In order to secure your spot in any class, we recommend that you sign up ahead of time using our online scheduling system here.  If you do not register for a class, we cannot guarantee you will have a spot.

Please note that any class participant or anyone who uses Girl Fight Fitness's services agrees to the terms in our Liability Agreement.

Where can I get more help using the Online Scheduler?

There is a detailed FAQ page for the Online Scheduler here.  It covers some frequently-asked questions specific to online class registration.

What do I need to bring for my first class?

Please come to class with clean athletic shoes to change into for the class (no outdoor shoes please -- this helps us keep the studio and equipment clean for you).  Wear comfortable workout clothes and bring water to drink during exercise.  If you sweat a lot, it might also be a good idea to bring a towel.

For the Girl Fight kickboxing classes, if you own boxing gloves, you can bring those too.  If you do not own a pair of boxing gloves, no worries!  There are sets available at the studio that you can borrow for the duration of the class.  If you decide to purchase gloves, we sell them at the studio as well.  Click here to see the styles that we sell.

I have a Groupon voucher.  How do I redeem it?

Groupon vouchers must be redeemed before scheduling your first class at the studio.  We make our best effort to redeem the vouchers as soon as possible after receiving a request, but please allow up to 24 hours for us to redeem your voucher and credit your Girl Fight Fitness account with the associated classes.  Please note that providing incomplete or incorrect information will delay the voucher processing time.

Here is how to redeem your voucher:

  1. Create an online account with Girl Fight by setting up a login here.
  2. Email info@girlfightfit.com from the email address that you used to create your login (for security verification purposes), including the following information:
    1. Groupon Voucher Number (The 8-digit code printed on the voucher itself, near the barcode).
    2. Indicate that you would like to redeem your voucher.
  3. We will add your associated classes to your online account.  You will receive an email receipt as confirmation when this has been completed. 
  4. You may now use your online class balance to register for classes. 

Purchasing Questions

Can I buy class packages or pay for classes online?

Yes!  Click here to purchase classes, packages, and training sessions online.  Any purchases will be added to your account and you can use them to sign up for classes.

How long do I have to use my classes?  Is there an expiration date?

All class purchases, class packages, and personal training purchases have a one (1) year expiration date.  You have one year from the purchase date to use your classes or sessions.  After that time, the classes or sessions are no longer valid.

What is your refund policy?

We highly recommend sampling a class at the drop-in rate first before investing in a class package.  We do not offer refunds for class or personal training packages, as the savings passed on to you for buying those packages are based on your commitment to use them.  However, in extreme situations (reviewed and approved by Girl Fight management), we can credit unused portions of those purchases towards other programs (i.e. race training groups).

For special programs such as race training groups or boot camps, no refunds will be issued after 30% of the program has been delivered.  Extreme situations are subject to review by Girl Fight Management.