Nutritional Support

Working out is only part of the solution to living a healthy lifestyle.  Eating well and nourishing your body through good nutrition gives you a complete strategy to reach your fitness goals.  Girl Fight Fitness is happy to offer nutritional support to help you on your journey.

"The 80/20 Plan" Nutritional Guide

Girl Fight Fitness creator and owner Amanda Gonzalez-Barone has developed a unique but approachable strategy to conquering your relationship with food.  In "The 80/20 Plan," Amanda discusses how diets don't work because they don't fit into our lives well. You need flexibility in your eating plan for special events, activities, or just satisfying that craving for chips or ice cream.

The 80/20 Plan is not a crash diet program that guarantees fast results in a short period of time. This is a lifestyle program that teaches you how to combine eating healthy 80% of the time with eating your favorite treats 20% of the time.  The 80/20 Plan can be maintained long-term without feelings of deprivation. The results will be more sustainable because you will continue to make progress over weeks, months, and years.

Amanda holds a certification in Sports Nutrition from ISSA and has used the 80/20 Plan successfully for years -- both for her day-to-day eating and during her training for Ironman Lake Placid.

"The 80/20 Plan" is currently available for purchase as a PDF.  To order your copy, click here.

Food Log Reviews

One of the best ways to understand your eating habits is to write it all down.  Record your food and drinks for a week and then sit down with one of our experienced nutrition coaches to see what is happening with your diet.  You will walk away from this session with a better understanding of your habits and food triggers.  You will also receive tips and suggestions for setting yourself up for nutritional success.

Food Log Reviews are 30 minutes long.  You must come to the session with a printed copy of a week's worth of food logs, including:

  • Date
  • Time of Meal
  • Specific Type of Food/Drink Consumed
  • Amount Eaten (weight/volume measurement or best guess)
  • Estimated Calories
  • Protein/Fat/Carbohydrate Breakdown (if possible)

We highly recommend using a food-tracking app such as MyFitnessPal, but any written method is fine as well.  You can request a Food Log Review by emailing