Running Club

Whether you are a casual runner just looking to complete your weekly training runs, or a motivated trainee tackling a challenging goal race, the Girl Fight Running Club is a supportive and fun way to train.

What to Expect

All club runs are led by an experienced Girl Fight Running Coach who will challenge you with a different training run each meeting.  Club runs could include endurance training, speed work, hill repeats, or other runs designed to improve your abilities as a runner.


All runners must be able to complete 3 miles either running or run/walking.  Club runs can range anywhere from 3 to 5 miles, but participants are allowed to adjust the run based on their ability level.  All speeds of runners are welcome to the club runs.

Meeting Information


  • Meets on TBD.
  • Runs from TBD.
  • Meeting place will vary from week to week and will be communicated by the Running Coach via email prior to the run.

Cost and Registration

The cost for the club is TBD.  If you are currently enrolled in a Girl Fight race training program, you may be eligible to receive a discount.  Contact for more information.