Sure, we think we rock because we are biased.  But check out some unbiased testimonials from people who have tried and keep coming to Girl Fight!

(Yes, these are real people.  You will actually probably meet them when you come to class!)

Ashley R.

Girl Fight is awesome because Amanda is so chill, encouraging and accessible. The 60-Day Results challenge was great because of the accountability and the chance to develop friendships with the other participants, plus the workouts were challenging, but never overwhelming.

Christine G.

I love Girl Fight because for the first time at a gym, I feel like I belong. Amanda makes sure that no matter your fitness level you get an amazing workout. Everyone is friendly and supportive. Overall an amazing experience, so glad I joined this family!!!

Christine L.

I love Girl Fight because of the changes I'm seeing AND feeling both on the inside and out since joining and it really is an AWESOME place to go for all fitness levels!!

Deborah C.

In 2015 I joined the couch to 5K group and the training was excellent never felt overworked. That year I ran numerous races and loved it.

Erika P.

Amanda is the best!  Seriously... while I was pregnant, she adapted workouts for me.  I could continue training almost up to delivery and all the strength training significantly helped my postpartum recovery.  I love Girl Fight and can't wait to teach my daughter to fight like a girl!

Kelly M.

I love Girl Fight because the environment is supportive and the workouts are challenging.  I never leave feeling like my workout was too little or too much -- it's always just right!

Kristi C.

I first tried Girl Fight with a friend and loved it!  It is the first exercise class that made me need to drink my whole water bottle.  The mix of cardio and strength training is perfect and an efficient use of ones time.  I also did the 5K Training program, having done the couch to 5K program myself multiple times. Amanda had many great tips that made me actually enjoy running, when my favorite line used to be "I only run if someone is chasing me!".  Thank you Amanda and Girl Fight!

Laura K.

I've tried every genre of exercise in every gym in the area over the years and I have never ever stuck with anything like I have with Girl Fight's classes.  Amanda and her team of trainers are one of a kind.  Their fitness knowledge, engaging personalities and ability to really listen and assist each participant is incredible.   They are supportive and encouraging while still pushing you to do your best and hit your goals.  It suits the ladies who are always at the gym or the ones who always avoid it.  It is fun, challenging and you get to hit stuff.  How bad can that be?

Natalie H.

Girl Fight gets me out of the house 2-3 times a week, breaking a sweat and making me a stronger healthier person.  I love it!

Rachel J.

I joined Girl Fight because I needed a workout regimen that was going to keep me interested in something other than how many minutes were left on my treadmill timer.  Amanda is a fantastic motivator and makes taking any of the classes very comfortable.  I am not new to kickboxing, but her classes are still fun, high-energy, and, ultimately, impactful.  The smaller class sizes also make it very easy to get the one-on-one attention needed to feel really accomplished and satisfied with the work I've done in class. Girl Fight is 100% worth it.  Thanks Amanda and crew!

Stephanie C.

Girl Fight is amazing! I have never felt better in my body or stronger.  Amanda is so welcoming and encouraging.  As someone new to fitness I was really unsure if I could do this.  I loved that walking into the gym, I felt supported rather than judged and, while the workouts are tough (and get tougher as you go), I was surprised at what I could handle.  I felt better after every class and it's the first workout I not only have stuck with but actually look forward to.  I highly recommend Girl Fight, especially if you are a little scared or nervous to take that first class!  Just do it, it will be so worth it!

Theresa D.

I love Girl Fight because it made me enthusiastic about exercise again.  Kickboxing is so much fun that I don't feel like I'm even exercising, and I am definitely seeing positive results.